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My Background:

I studied construction management at college in England and throughout my life have exercised this knowledge in one form or another, be it residential construction, skatepark building or investor flips. Currently the Austin market has my energy focused on ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units) in particular and playing GC as I build them for clients. It is exciting to see an idea take shape on paper and then become physical reality through this process.

My Vision:

My vision goes beyond tiny homes or ADU’s, remodels or single home construction. My real passion lies in developing community. My ultimate goal is to build energy efficient, high quality, aesthetically appealing dwellings that are not too big and not too small. The ‘Goldilocks’ effect! The exterior outdoor spaces are as important to consider and design as the interior of structures to encourage neighborly interaction. The current style of suburban large scale, disconnected houses does not gel with the current trends of a much more transient generation, that does not want to spend their lives paying off an oversized mortgage on an oversized home. To this end I came up with the term ‘ODU’ which stands for ‘Optimum Dwelling Unit’. These would be just the right size for comfortable living, built around common green space and other amenities.

Now you DON’T see it… NOW you do!

My Construction Services:

  • General Contractor/Builder
  • Turnkey Management from Design to Completion
  • ADU’s & Tiny Homes
  • Remodels
  • Master Planned Communities
  • Investor Strategies

My Brand:

The main thing I want to establish for my reputation and brand is INTEGRITY. This can be often hard to come by with the builders. My driving motivation in life is to help people and serve them, not manipulate my way into making fast money at anyone else’s expense. I stand by my word and deliver what I say I will to the best of my ability. That is why people want to work with me. Simple.

Click here to see a portfolio of a handful of projects I have done since being in Austin.