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Looking for extra income?

I am a licensed Realtor, who is always striving to find additional ways I can add new services to my clients. For example, I have referral sources for Insurance. I also became a Spectrum Authorized Retailer and most recently became an Energy Consultant with Ambit. This functions as a side business for me and I love the idea of residual income. I am sharing the opportunity to join, just like I did and make your own money. The lady who signed me up was brand new also and already made over $3k in her first 2 months while working a full time job. That got my attention. I can do with a little extra income, how about you? 

Work for yourself on your own schedule; part time, or full time. You will get out as much as you put in, the same as any other business owner. This is a commission-based opportunity. Take advantage of energy deregulation. No longer can one utility company dominate any local market. As such, this creates a huge once in a lifetime, wealth building opportunity for energy consultants to move in and offer customers more affordable rates on energy usage than ever before. The same thing happened when phone companies were deregulated and long distance calls became dirt cheap. It was harvest time for sales consultants offering new affordable phone plans. Who doesn’t use electric or gas? Everyone does, everyday! It is the most unconscious purchase we all make on a daily basis and who wouldn’t want to save money on this consistent cost to our lives? It is therefore an essential, everyday product you can believe in. Selling is so much easier when you have a product you have confidence in. 

Job Description

The job is simple and two-fold: 

1. Find customers who want to save money and switch energy provider. The easiest way to do this beyond your existing sphere of influence, is to build relationships with leasing agents, at apartment communities and make them your referral source. You could offer them $20 referral gift cards. 
2. Sign up other consultants who you will make residual income from. I do not have enough time to seek energy customers myself; so finding consultants who do have time for both is what I personally am focused on.   

Perks include: ·   

  • Competitive energy pricing, usually less than the competition. ·      
    100% free energy for yourself if you live in the coverage area. Sign up for that if nothing else! ·       
  • Your customers can also get free energy by referring 15 new customers themselves – making for an easy sales pitch for you. ·       
  • Monthly specials like double & Triple bonuses on commissions. ·       
  • Your own website, client portal and a host of consultant tools and support 24/7.      

What you have to offer is a legit product. Who doesn’t use or want affordable energy?

Your customers can also earn free energy by referring 15 customers themselves, all of which you make passive residual income from. You can earn money 3 ways: Signing up customers, signing up other consultants and residual income from customer energy usage. The best way to learn more is watching videos from this link:     http://marks.energy526.com

Texas is also always in some kind of promotional rate, be it double, triple or even quadruple bonuses. So when you see it say $100, as of June 2019 that is actually $300 because it is in triple commission rates. As you promote your commissions go way up from there.

All the information to explain the company, energy deregulation and so forth can be found here:    http://marks.theambitstory.com

Here are the steps to take to get rolling:

1. Go through the links and learn as much as you can.

2. Sign up through the website. They charge $75 to do so, but I figured that was a small investment for a big opportunity. Personally I live in Austin TX which is only partially deregulated, so the best I can do is sign up other consultants. If you live in their coverage area you will easily save more than this on your own energy bills, if nothing else. More likely you will earn much more if you work this like a business. 

3. Be sure to get the website for $25 a month. This is where and how you will process customers and also get your own custom websites. Having done a lot of websites in my past and knowing how much work it is, I am more than willing to pay $25 to have a professional site done for me. That really is a small price to pay. At any point you can cancel if you decide you do not have the time. You are not locked into a contract.

4. Get certified through your personal online portal. There is a small multiple choice test you do not even need to study for. Click on “Ambit U” under the School Hat emblem and then click “Get Certified”. If you get a question wrong it simply lets you try again until you get it right.

5. Start signing up customers and other consultants. In my mind the best strategy to building a pipeline of customers is to get apartment leasing agents to send you referrals and pay them $20 for each lead. How you do it, is completely your call however. Work whatever sphere of influence you already have. Download the marketing logos and flyers they have on the website and post to social media.

Nothing to lose:

The way I see it is can I afford $100 to give it a shot for 30 days? The answer was “Yes” for me. If I get nowhere and that’s all it cost me plus a little time – oh well! Everything in life is a learning experience. I have been through so many jobs in my life. They all teach me something. There is no obligation with this in terms of hours. You work for yourself. The lady that signed me up is a single mother who works as a leasing manager. Hannah made 3k in her fist 2 months doing it part time. The lady who signed her up runs a restaurant. She has already made 60k this year doing this on the side! I can put you in touch with Crystle directly if you want to hear from her how she does it 🙂

http://marks.theambitstory.com  – “SIGN UP AS A CONSULTANT” at the bottom of the webpage.