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Mobile Homes

As well as being a licensed real estate agent I also know all about the Manufactured Home business and specialize in Owner Financing creation.

I have several unique services I offer for mobile home sellers and it does not matter if your home is located in a park, I can still help.

  • List mobile home on MLS as it is real property on land.
  • Broker the sale of a mobile home that is still personal property on rented land.
  • Buy your mobile home for cash.
  • Broker your manufactured home sale with owner financing.
  • Broker your manufactured home sale as lease to own.


Let me explain in more detail your options:


List your mobile home on MLS

If your mobile home is considered perfected with the land it sits on then it is real property and is conveyed with a TREC One to Four contract just like a regular house. This requires a licensed real estate agent to list on the MLS. Most other Realtors are unfamiliar with selling mobile homes. This service is a typical 3% Realtor commission.


Broker the sale of your mobile home

If it is in a park they typically charge 8% to 10% for this service. Since they typically have an office on site they usually have fairly good exposure to buyers and this may be a wise option if you don’t mind paying them the higher commission and wait for them to pay you closing proceeds. Even on a cash deal, this can be delayed by several weeks (so make sure this won’t put you in a bind if you are relying on the sales proceeds for your next home), or if they finance it for you, they sometimes delay closing until they have already found a third party to buy the note from them. If you have patience and not in a rush to get paid give them a shot. This service is a 7% broker commission.


Sell your mobile home for cash

My business partner and I specialize in buying, renovating and selling mobile homes.


Sell your mobile home with Owner Financing

If you want to sell your home yourself and save some money, the easiest way to sell a mobile home is to offer owner financing. This is a great solution and wealth builder if you are not in need of all the equity in your mobile home. Most buyers do not have enough cash to buy outright, so when you offer financing your buyer pool just got a whole lot bigger. I can broker this type of deal for you and provide all paperwork and guidance from marketing to close. This service is a 5% broker commission (and additional 2% if I provide the buyer also).


Sell your mobile home as Lease To Own

Typically to sell a mobile home with owner financing you need to payoff the underlying loan you have. You cannot transfer ownership when a lien still exits. However, you can sell the home with a Lease to Own Contract and continue to keep the existing mortgage note in place. You cannot charge interest on a lease to own deal, but as long as your monthly rental amount exceeds your underlying note you can make it work. This service is a 5% broker commission (and additional 2% if I provide the buyer also).


If you have a mobile home on land you own, or on land you lease give me a call 512 400 9975 and lets see if one of these options works for you.