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My 1 min Realtor promo video

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I am not always that great at selling myself. I do not want to appear pushy or arrogant. Remaining quiet however does not really land you too much business and as a Realtor we compete against so many corporate giants. Last week I was in an interesting Realtor lunch and learn. The speaker encouraged us to all shamelessly promote ourselves. It made sense, so here is a little promo video for myself. I also decided if I am going to promote myself, it will be the real me, not a standard, suited and booted, stiff Realtor clone. This is a people business and having a genuine connection with my clients is important. This is who I am. I won’t hide it. And who I am should make a positive difference to the whole home buying experience. There are too many online robotic services out there now who win sellers and buyers over with promises of efficiency and smaller commission costs. The truth is many of these services like Open-door, Zillow and so forth, are far less about serving people up close and personal and way more driven by market share, numbers and driving profits. Ultimately, all Realtors will have to fight for their survival by proving their value. That is not necessarily a bad thing. So here is my little highlight video to set me apart from the pack.