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SOLD – Lot 103, Branch Creek, North Austin Manufactured Home

todd remodels mobile homes

Click here for finished remodel pics.


This huge manufactured home with garage is complete. Todd bought it when it was in a real mess, but has transformed it into something quite spectacular.


Todd buys old manufactured homes

Click here for pics of place before work started.


The owner was a widow whose grown son was squatting in the house, while she had already moved out. All the bills and lot rent were behind and ready for the park to foreclose on. We were able to save the place and paid for a storage unit to help the son move out, as well as physically help move his stuff and put some cash in his pocket. It was not a fun process especially with the Texas summer heat, but we know it was the right thing to do, since the park would have evicted him with nowhere to go and none of his belongings. Our crew worked tirelessly to perform their magic and turn this rundown place into a fabulous new home.


For sale through the park. $68,500. Must qualify with park to buy and pay them monthly lot rent.