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I spent a lot of time doing ‘Apartment Locating’ for clients. It is like having a personal assistant only it’s a 100% FREE Service (as I get paid by the apartments marketing fund, not by you, my client). My speciality is luxury apartments, mostly found downtown and south central, the Domain and Mueller, but my database covers the whole Austin area.

The following video has a 3 minute basic guide to the process of working with me…

‘Serving others where they will live the most!’

  • Save your precious time– Spend time doing what you do best and I will do what I do best on your behalf
  • Do minimal leg work – I can make all the calls and find apartments that match your criteria
  • Avoid sales pitches from leasing agents – I can be your buffer
  • Professional representation – I am bound by a code of ethics when I represent you as a licensed Real Estate Agent (Realtor)
  • No contract to sign – Use or terminate my services at your own whim with no contract
  • Rely on local area expertise – New to the area? I can tell you what you need to know
  • Tour with confidence – save gas too – I can drive you around town
  • Unbiased counsel – as I work with all apartments and have no partiality to any of them
  • Find the perfect fit – Wisdom is in counsel and once we find the right match you can sign confidently
  • Reduce stress – moving is one of the most stressful things we do. I am here to reduce that as much as possible
  • Enjoy a 100% free service that has no effect on your rent– Very rarely is this a true statement, this time it is!

Yes you can do everything I do for yourself, or you can have me do it for you at zero cost. My analogy of our service is this…. it is like having an accountant do your taxes for you – for FREE and then he gets paid by the IRS on your behalf!!! That’s how this works with no gimmicks. It’s a beautiful win-win situation. Take advantage of it.

I do the leg work, all you need to do is sit back and give me a digital thumbs up or down to narrow the selection. I will then dig deeper and get the most up to date prices and specials just for you. After that, you only have to drive to my office and I will drive the rest of the time to see and tour the top communities that best fits your needs and wants.

As a licensed Real Estate agent I have access to a really large database that the public does not. I can show you all of your options in Austin that meet your criteria of great living as well as prices and/or specials.

Take advantage of specials like 1 month FREE, 6 weeks FREE, $300, $500, $1,000 sign on gift cards.

Availability, pricing and/or specials can change without notice on a daily or even hourly basis. Time is of the essence in a city that has 150 people going here every day. Let me take the confusion out of the equation and make this an efficient move for you.

All I ask you do for me, is make sure to write my name down as the source of your apartment when you fill out your lease application.

Want to learn more about Austin? Here is my basic guide to get you started: CLICK HERE

Looking to rent an apartment in Austin TX? – You can get started by filling out my short
questionnaire of your wants and needs with this link.