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Unique Strategies

This video is a little dated now, but it still works as a basic introduction to my Realtor services.

There are a million other Realtors to choose from, so why pick me?

Hopefully they can all claim standard characteristics like honesty, integrity, loyalty, etc. Maybe some even have Veteran status. A couple might also have an English accent to help šŸ˜‰ … but do they operate like every other “retail” Realtor out there or do they bring something fresh to the table?

Next To Nothing Down Payment Ā – I may contribute 1% of the sales price to your down payment*.

Renovation loan – I can help you find financing for your home so you can fix it up the way you want.

Inspections & Warranty AdvantageĀ Ā – I can pay for 2 inspections, which includes 90 day warranty.

Time ManagementĀ Ā – I will put you before me.

Experience & AffiliationsĀ Ā – I have more tools available to me than most.

*based on eligibility of program.


Before You Buy:

  • Get pre qualified for a home loan with a lender. I can not overstate the importance of this before you start house hunting. No offer will be taken seriously by a seller without proof of funds available beforehand. Of course if you are paying with cash then this step is not needed. I can refer you to a reliable lender if you need me to.
  • Make a budget and see what you think you can afford. This means put on paper your monthly income and your monthly outgoings. Typically a bank lends on about a third of what you net monthly. So for example if you Made $4,000 a month, but had $1,000 a month outgoings for debts such as car payments, then the bank would qualify you for roughly $1,000 a month mortgage payment. (this is a very basic and not accurate calculation, but gives you the concept $4,000- $1,000= $3,000 x Third = $1,000). There are plenty mortgage calculators online you can play with to help you figure out roughly what price range you might be looking at. Overall the lender will set your buying power limit. A good credit score and low debt will help. So if you can pay something off first, do so.
  • Consider what area you want to live. Research schools, amenities, taxes, commute time, type of neighborhood, etc. What kind of home do you want? How many bedrooms? Size of yard? Everyone is unique, but the more you can tell me the easier it will be for me to find your perfect match.
  • Once you are engaged in the buying process, do not make any major purchases. This is key to closing a deal. It can all fall through with your loan if you do.

Before You Sell:

Meeting deadlines and being organized is vital to a smooth closing. Hereā€™s some suggested steps to make your home selling process efficient:

  • Collect all the relevant documents you need such as loan information. In particular contact your lender and ask for a payoff letter. This isnā€™t necessarily vital, but will give you a more accurate idea of what you will net upon sale.
  • If you live in an HOA or MUD, you will need to show this information.
  • Find your property survey, or at least understand you will need one in order to sell. Typically this is paid for by you the seller, but like almost everything else is negotiable.
  • Prep your home. Declutter, hide personal pictures, open up binds or curtains. bring in as much light and space as possible. Clean throughly, especially in hard to reach places like corners of the ceiling or light fixtures where dust and cobwebs gather. Throw away any junk on your land or in your home. Fix anything that is broken and consider a fresh coat or neutral color paint to walls, especially if you have any bold coloring to begin with. Paint can go a long way to making a place look new.
  • Provide warranty info for any appliances, water softeners, AC units etc.
  • Consider my 2 inspection strategy to make sure your house is as immaculate as possible and then add a home warranty incentive for your prospective buyer (paid for at closing out of proceeds).