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Experience & Affiliations

Austin realtor Mark Jannetta.Other Advantages:

I came from a construction background and got my license because I was already investing in real estate: flipping houses. This means I go through the buying and selling process constantly and understand the pressures first hand. It also means I have contacts and insight most ‘retail’ Realtors will not have because all they know is MLS listings and standard cookie cutter deals. Plus for what it’s worth I have no problem getting my hands dirty or swinging a hammer when necessary. I’ve never shied away from hard labor.

Any good Realtor will acknowledge that they are constantly learning new things in real estate. Training is ongoing with all brokers, but how much more valuable is knowledge learned in the fires of experience involving literal blood, sweat and tears, over classroom or power point briefings? No doubt about it: I am still learning too, but mostly on the front lines of being engaged in the process continually myself.


I am a licensed Realtor with:



My preferred lender to work with is:

CMG Financial