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Inspections & Warranty Advantage


One of the biggest hurdles to closing a contract on a home is the inspection. Buyers use it as an excuse to back out, or demand costly repairs you were not expecting.

My unique strategy, no other Realtor is offering, is to pay for an inspection on your home upfront. Then I use my contacts to get the repairs done quickly and at construction trade prices before paying for another inspection to show prospective buyers that the house has no outstanding issues.

I guarantee this will make for a much faster closing, with a much higher chance of closing smoothly vs. waiting until your home is under contract to carry out an inspection.

You also get 90 days home warranty while listing with me if you wish to use this method, plus an extra 6 months for free on a one year warranty for the buyer, should you wish to offer that, which I suggest is also a great bonus strategy to compliment the peace of mind inspections. All of this combined gives a buyer way more confidence in buying your property instead of someone else’s.

Do you see how my unique approach will sell your home much quicker than the average Realtor?

I am personable and not pushy.

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