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Time Management

Austin Realtor Mark Jannetta

Realtor Mindsets:

I’ll give you some insight into what goes on in your typical corporate real estate office. They have a one size fits all approach to training, or more like brain washing their agents. The focus is all about generating leads and creating a pipeline of contacts you can bombard until someone tosses you a bone and you get a listing. So 70 to 90% of a Realtors time gets used on lead generation. “Busy work” I call it, because it doesn’t cost the broker anything to demand you knock on doors, cold call phone lists, bug your friends and acquaintances. Its very time consuming and leaves most agents with very little time to actually give their clients attention and customer care they deserve.

So, what is my solution? I don’t do busy work. Where are all the leads? Answer: Online. Therefore I have been learning digital marketing and finding my leads through the internet. Part of the key to this was making friends with a professional digital marketer who is mentoring me through the process, to rank organically with Google search results. Once established, my lead generation works for me, not the other way around, so I can focus on what I am really good at.

Talk to other Realtors. Challenge them. Find out how much time they spend making cold calls or pounding pavement in desperate want of a new lead, instead of spending time working on their current clients.